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Kansas Senate Bill No. 304

I want to also go ahead and re-post my letter to my senator, Marci Francisco that was inspired by this news article in regards to this bill.

Dear Senator,
It has come to my attention that Senate Bill no. 304 will be put up to vote in the coming legislative session. After having read the contents of this bill, the ‚Äúmunicipal communications network and private¬†telecommunications investment safeguards act,” nothing in the language of this bill protects consumers or anyone living in the state of Kansas. The only groups this bill protects are large privately owned communications companies such as Time Warner, Comcast, or other media giants. Each community should be free to make decisions about how to enable the best possible internet and television service that they possibly can. This bill was clearly drafted by lobbyists attempting to target municipal networks like Google Fiber, which has cut into the profits of the large mega corporations that previously had a monopoly on this market, and prevent them from catching on. This bill is an offensive intrusion into a “free market” that many representatives claim is the fundamental process driving the economy and the government. Please do not allow lobbyists and representatives in the pockets of those lobbyists unfairly limit how Kansans connect to media, colleagues, and information available on the internet.


One Who Strikes at the Root

The Courts have defeated Net Neutrality. Help us fix this problem.

The FCC in America protects people like me, websites like this, from abusive data throttling and preferential service to specific websites, and the brutal censorship of others. This is an unacceptable attack on free speech and intellectual freedom; the internet is a place for sharing ideas, companies that provide access have no place dictating what can be shared between us as people. Let’s work together and call for the people who we have voted to protect and serve us in the government to do their jobs, and protect the exchange of information on the internet.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who strikes at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau