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Infinity Miniatures

I’m pretty excited to be starting up some Infinity factions. First one that came in was a PanOceania Naval Cutter, so that’s what will hit first. Advertisements

Card Game

We had a first play test of the card game we are building. The basic concept is that you are contractors getting defense contracts form the government, and then bidding out the parts to make something absurd and egregiously expensive. More compelling art and social commentary to be implemented later. The initial thought process for the rules didn’t quite work as intended, bidding risks were to low, the bid cards that got attached to the contracts tended to stagnate and never make it back into circulation, but it only took a couple of tweaks to get things running again very quickly. The contract completion was a little too restrictive, and there simply were not enough parts available. The way bidding for things needed altered and to fit the theme a little better, contracts go to the lowest bid instead of the highest, parts go to highest bidder, and every time everyone is out of bids, all the bids that are out on the board will shuffle. When this is in its finished form it will makeĀ  a lot more sense! I’m hoping to have a much clearer rule book by the weekend and with a couple more play tests we will probably start courting artists.

A Few Germans

Here are some Germans that I have painted and that my friend Steve had done up. He just found and built these nice dug outs out of some sand bags for a slightly larger scale model. I think they came out pretty darn nice for being a little out of scale. So anyway, hopefully we […]

Speak thee not of the Devil…

… Lest Satan walk in through the door. I got a set of macro filters in the mail right after the last post so I thought I’d take a couple more test photos! Here we are, we have some slightly better photos of small things!

Development Engine

Well I think we have a working idea for a card game. I will have to bang out some rules and make some proxies for testing, but I think Bill has given us a half way decent premise for putting something together for 4 or 5 players that should run about an hour. It’ll have bidding wars, tanks driven by ducks, weaponized jalepenoes, graft, and big government! Sounds great, right? I’ll talk more about it when I get together some proxies to play with.

Oh, also, pictures from Christmas to appear later today.

We are going to go ahead and put on a clinic. It seems super popular right now, but I have been a nerd most of my life. It’s finally time to let that freak flag fly, and go ahead and start posting all those awesome nerd things that I am just bursting at the seams to talk about. This space will be reviews of games that I and my friends play, a sort of minutes from each weeks Regal Game Society meeting, where we will be playing a different pen and paper RPG every six weeks, pictures I take because public failure builds character (or maybe I am just needing critique to improve), and pictures of miniatures I have done recently, because everyone has to be good at something.

I’m also thinking about documenting whatever progress I make in developing a new game! We will see, that will require collaboration, so that’s not on me in its entirety, so rocking.