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So you want to write a zine. It really seems like something that is entirely too good to be true. I’m here about to try my hand at producing a regular subscription newsletter that real live human beings will pay to receive. If I’ve learned anything, though, listening to other content producers, its that if you are willing to harness enough of your passion to produce something, someone out there in the world is more than willing to consume it. Why, then, should you consume my content? What makes you so great? Huh, punk?

Well first, chill. Second, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Matt Orzulak. I’m a 30 something nerd from Kansas. I’m have a Master’s degree in Psycholinguistics and I’m a master miniature painter. I’m over educated, I’m underemployed, and I have the base attack bonuses of all the Dungeons and Dragons classes from edition 3.5 memorized. I started college as a Music Composition major, I have tried my hand as a professional photographer, an IT help desk guru, and have worked as a research specialist for a couple of high profile education and special needs focused research projects at the University of Kansas. I’ve struggled throughout my adult life with anxiety and severe depression. What exactly does all of that mean, in terms of why you should subscribe to my newsletter?

Well, the most important takeaway is that I’m a person who has spent a lifetime learning how to learn. I have an extensive background working and researching language and other things that people do everyday without actively thinking about them, and am consequently filled with wonder at the complex level of achievement that all of that takes in each wonderful individual person. A lot of my friends would point out that I have a bit of a negative edge, but my continued existence and the difficulties I’ve faced give me a deeply empathetic and progressive view of the people around me. And I want to share all of that with you, the reader!

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