Spring in Lawrence.

So here I sit on the porch of the Pig here in #LFK, because winter might have ended and it’s 70 degrees for like ten minutes. I was going to take a moment to talk briefly about the upcoming podcast project that me and my friend Anthony will be putting together starting next week. We are going to go ahead and perpetuate our delusion of being a motorcycle gang, and we will be going with the title “Fear Eaters Payday LFK.” Biweekly, we will be lovingly producing a largely unfocused 15 minute journey into whatever tickles our fancy. We are amateurs in pretty much everything we do except linguistics and gaming so I feel like it may be likely that those two topics will crop up more often than others. We plan on talking about what all we have learned about motorcycling, photography, information technology, and more than likely Renée will want to educate about the fascinating world of water treatment.

So like I said, unfocused.


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