Back in the Saddle

Ok so I’ve been a bad author lately. I haven’t done any work here on the blog. I’ve just had the lovely experience of hypomania, where in I started a bunch of projects, shot off my mouth a little too often, and subsequently slipped back into the normal depression I live with. Tons of fun. However, in that time, I did actually do so easy awesome things. First, I took a motorcycle class at the Community College in Kansas City. I went originally to be supportive of my friend Anthony who wanted to learn and get a second vehicle for his one car household that needs to be a two car household. After the first night of instruction, I was a little unclear on how you ride and not die. Saturday morning when  we first got on the school’s learning bikes, I was terrified. However, once we actually started riding around, I changed my tune.

It is so. Fun.

It’s not really different, in kinesthetic knowledge, from riding a bicycle, which I’ve done my whole life. The first thing I did to get healthy again a couple of years ago was to get a bicycle to take the 3 miles into work each morning on campus. The motorcycle is just that feeling but way way faster. Which is awesome. It’s extremely liberating and terrifying at the same time. You experience the speed a day the mechanical workings of your vehicle in a much more direct fashion compared to driving your car. There is no framing, no detachment from the situation around you, as well as no safety net. By the end of the class I was really bummed about not actually having the money to get a bike of my own instead of just doing a neat enrichment activity to do over the weekend.

Second, what I did have money for was a new camera lens. I got a fixed length Nikon DX 35mm for portraits and event shooting. I love it. It goes all the way down to f1.8, which makes for awesome for lowlight shots and a very nice, razor thin depth of field. I took it out and shot some stuff downtown because it was a beautiful weekend. I’ll add those photos and some of Anthony on his new bike later this week.

Third, we will be starting a podcast! Me and Anthony will actually start work this week on putting together a 15 to 20 minute podcast where in we will talk about a subject and generally make fun of each other. We will do our absolute best to avoid politics and offer some interesting insights and advice into assorted hobby related ventures, including photo, motorcycles, gaming, painting, or whatever else we feel like talking about.

Fourth, I had the good fortune to go see this year’s Luna Fest that came to town to benefit the GaDuGi Safecenter here in Lawrence. GaDuGi is another wonderful non-profit organization that provides crisis counseling and other support for victims of sexual violence and abuse. The films were all very good, I especially enjoyed the documentary that followed a young woman with Tourette syndrome, since I always love media that promotes awareness and acceptance of mental health problems.

A quick update of what’s been happening and what’s to come. I have a decent amount of work done on my Infinity models, so in addition  to some landscape photos and the upcoming podcast, look forward to some miniature photography and our impressions of the game.


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