Kansas Craft Beer Expo

This past weekend, Lawrence was host to the third Kansas Craft Brewing Expo hosted at Abe & Jake’s Landing. This was an awesome event, selling out last year and again this year despite having the format changed to accommodate twice as many people. Me and my friends attended the first session this year, and we visited each brewer and were feeling pleased with ourselves as well as a little drunk. Then we realized we’d only been there for 40 minutes. We paced ourselves a little better for the next two hours.

Highlights of the show: Boulevard had with them their Foeder Project #3, which is a sour beer, and it was really quite good. A very sour almost cherry flavor reminded me almost of a kriek instead of a traditional beer. Evil Twin brought a specialty beer aptly named Even More Jesus which was a very dark, smooth porter with coffee and chocolate flavors and 15% ABV (which is why each of us said “Jesus…” after tasting). Little Apple Brewing had a very good blueberry beer, and New Belgium won strangest beer with their coconut curry flavored hefeweizen.

This was an awesome event, and I enjoyed getting to try so many different and new things. I really hope this continues to be a strong event in the future.


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