A Concert at Frank’s Northstar Tavern

Friday night was somewhat uneventful, so I decided to get out of the house and get some shooting in, after getting a fantastic haircut from a new friend. I slinked downtown having not really eaten all day and got some delicious sweet potato fries at Dempsey’s whilst I waited for a friend to finish up dinner and meet me at Frank’s Northstar Tavern. Sort of a local haunt that has (recently?) become the focal point of the Lawrence Reddit community.

Playing Friday were the Autonomics out of Big Lawrence (Portland, Oregon), The Hillary Watt’s Riot from Kansas City, and local group Godzillionaire. The Hillary Watt’s Riot was an interesting group, very Devo inspired pseudo pop dance tracks with some exceptionally sexy vocals and lyrics. They have recently released a new EP titled “Volume,” and is worth a listen if you are a fan of the offbeat and catchy. The Autonomics were a very technical alt group, lots of clean, face melting riffs and solos. I hope they sold enough merch to get home to Portland, though if Portlandia has taught me anything, they probably wouldn’t really notice the difference living here (well, we don’t have an ocean, so maybe). I enjoyed what parts of the Godzillionaire’s dark and brooding hard rock set I caught, I had to leave early to make sure I was well rested for the Kansas Craft Beer Expo in the morning.

Not bad for one Friday. I used my monopod this time around and feel like I’m getting a little better with the low light shots without a speedlight. I think the moral of the story is that I should really think about investing in a fixed focal length lens for shooting events like this. The aperture stopping at 4.6 on my 18-55mm is just killing me in the dark. Plus it’d be nice to actually get a little bit of bokeh in these shots. While I was surprised at how much the string stabilizer helped last weekend at the Burning Well show, I’m glad I ended up investing in a monopod as well.

Next weekend: Planet Comicon, and hopefully a picture of me with Micheal Dorn.




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