Burning Well at the Eldridge

Hey! Look at this, I actually still do photography and not just attack the patriarchy! My friend Jordan has been a professional musician for a very long time, and is a bigger 40k nerd than I am. Burning Well is a new project that he and some friends have put together, and they are all amazingly talented. I am not a country listener, but I enjoyed every moment of the show I was able to catch. Shooting this was a nightmare. The Eldridge Hotel in downtown Lawrence has a lot of historical relevance to the Phoenix Town; it’s one of the few buildings that was around to be burnt down during Quantril’s raid on Lawrence. Amazing restaurant, the basement speak easy event space that they had the band set up in was beautiful and fun, but not the best acoustic set up for a show and the moody, atmospheric lighting was great if you were out for the evening, but it meant I was rocking a shutter speed of close to a full second. I used my new budget string stabilizer to do my best, and once I got the white balance dialed in, I thought the shots came out good for such a dark venue.

I am hurrying these through without a lot of post production, because pretty much the entirety of the band had their families there and I’m sure they are anxious for some pictures! I hope they aren’t awful, I am an amateur and I’m getting better. There was not a lot of hype for this show, and for the next performance I’d like to help change that. This was a good show, and I think a lot more people would have enjoyed this if there had been a little more lead up. So let’s get the word out!


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