A thought has occurred to me as I sit here data mining at work. I am searching through trends in education data and it brought me back here. I’m trying out, a pretty cool site about community co-promotion; if we all agree to work together, we can all reach much more disparate bases of people who are interested in what we are writing, what art we are making, the worlds we are building. I frowned and I asked myself, why am I doing this? Who IS my audience? Are you really going to address the whole internet, Doc?

Well I guess it’s anyone that’s interested. So who exactly is interested? I know people coming through are looking primarily at my pictures. I have no delusions about that; I’m not a pro photographer, even though I want to be. I am hell of a hack amateur, and other photo bloggers are following and I hope that’s encouragement to continue practicing.

Miniatures gamers? Legit. I do know my stuff in that category. I am a fairly good painter and I keep an ear out for what’s new and what’s good. That’s a fraction of my posts, though.

This blog is turning into a platform about awareness. I’m doing my best to pay better attention to the problems in the world and as I learn, I’m sharing it with the internet. I don’t dare to presume that what I say here should be important to you, but if you are here and you see me talk about Net Neutrality, you might have a vested interest in it (cause without it, you wouldn’t be here). Mental health, sexual violence, and other rights issues may not seem like your problem, but you certainly won’t be worse for learning more.

So what does that really make me?

I’m an archivist.

I’m making a record of things, preserving them in pictures and words. I’m passing resources to people that need them. I’m connecting people to information. I’m facilitating awareness and enlightenment, enabling help. I’ve been in some very miserable and dark places in life, but I am returned from them, and now I want to help others do the same. The road is long and treacherous, but some that pass this way have documented their travels, written guides and maps. That is what I want to build. That’s what I want to make a community around.

So community, let’s talk about something else. Headquarters is an important and positive local resource. It previously was one of few 24 hour accessible crisis counseling centers and the only one in Kansas that answers the National Suicide Prevention hotline. Up until this past December, they had been answering calls anytime since 1969. Think about that for a minute. That is 44 years, 24 hours a day, that if things were not OK, that if it seemed like the only way out was to be dead, there was someone that you could talk to. A stranger that cared enough to listen to you, that valued you, and your ability to keep living. That is truly awesome.

Recently, the money for resources like this have started drying up, especially here in Kansas (Koch-istan) and on a national scale (Tea Party/”Libertarians”), and a combination of some internal problems with the leadership of the center, Headquarters has been struggling to keep their crucial service running. Their leadership has changed, so that they can start to grow and adapt to changing circumstances better, but that doesn’t alleviate the inherent problem that services that are pretty explicitly designed to prevent needless deaths, to genuinely save lives, are sorely under funded and under staffed.

Go visit their website for some more information. They can always use more volunteers to answer calls if you can’t help financially, man power is always crucial to non-profits and community programs as well. Get out there and help people, readers. That’s the audience I want.


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