Snow Day

Lawrence got buried in a good 8-10 inches of snow this week. The university decided to shut down classes for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Me being non-essential personel, also got the days off with the students! So I got a ton of sleep to make up for the fact that I haven’t slept at all since 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon. I wouldn’t trade how I feel on anti-depressants for anything, they have let me get to the point that I can post here, have a blog and share my stories and my pictures, but damn dude, I miss regular old sleep. Anyway, why you are here, pictures! I took a bunch Wednesday and I thought everything would be great, I had two batteries in my pocket and my camera around my neck, bag on my back, I was ready!

It was like, 11 degrees. I thought I was going to go for an hour. I only made it up and down one block before my scarf froze over my mouth and I went ahead and called it good.

I’ll add a few more later, for now I need to get out of the way in the bar I was working in.


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