A Few More Germans, Mine this Time

I played my first game of Bolt Action with mostly all of my own models. It was kind of fantastic. Russians came in guns blazing, with a huge number advantage, but even outnumbered the Germans were not outgunned and the gross benefit of taking only veteran troops made up significantly for taking on an enemy 2 to 1. I am really keen now on finishing up the nebelwerfer. It really didn’t do much of anything but when it did hit, it really hit for effect. I can see why its a deterrent force. I was scared to use it after a certain point because I had crept to close to the targets of its fury.

I am really quite pleased with how they looked on the field. The Panzer IV really made me proud, and it wasn’t even mine! I’d like to pick one up myself. I’ll be picking up a nice early production Tiger and a Churchill VII. I’m pretty keen on Italy invasion Brits at this point, and they will be good for table top immediately!


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