Macro Photos

So This is honestly why I wanted this camera. I really love painting miniatures. That’s like a thing I’m kind of good at and I’m extremely confident in it. I really wanted to be able to showcase the work that I do and maybe get some people interested in having me paint for them. It’s probably not as lucrative as the Neuroscience that I know, the other thing that I’m sure I’m good at, but I tend to have a lot more fun painting and making stuff. So.

What I have learned, is that I am not equipped yet to actually get good pictures of these. The focal length of the lens i have isn’t quite there, I can’t get the whole miniature in focus at one time. The moon picture is one of like 15, and they were all worse then that one. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong there. Well here is some stuff! I’ve been sick and I have been back at work so I have been shooting less, but I’ll do my best to keep updates coming!


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2 responses to “Macro Photos”

  1. 40kterminatus says :

    That’s the exact reason I do not use macro. Your small detail is fantastic where mine is just ok. Out of just been curious how long do you take to paint up each figure ?

    • doctorzulak says :

      It genuinely depends on the level of investment I’m willing to make. The diorama in the other post which was for a competition took around 9 hours total, painting the minis and building the base. This Librarian featured in this post was an investment of about 18 hours. Difference being, this particular model was scratch built and painted and assembled in parts, and was considerably more ornate compared to the structure of the diorama. I recently just finished some table top quality World War II Germans for Bolt Action, and the 25 of them took something like 6 hours. It’s all practice!

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