Pictures from the Second Weekend

Here are a couple more pictures I took this week! I was tipped off by my dad that they had done something neat with the steam engine in the park downtown, so on Christmas Eve when I was grabbing a last minute gift at the Walgreens, I decided to take my stuff and my boots and went and took some pictures in the snow. Saturday it was a lovely 55 degrees, so all the snow was gone, but I tried to get some pictures anyway. I liked the ice in the reflecting pool, and the obelisk in the old pioneer cemetery gave off a very neat Nightvale vibe when you take in to account the KJHK Radio tower!

They wouldn’t let me on top of the Oread, so this was the second highest place in Lawrence. I grabbed a beer at the hotel though, tried the Boulevard Smokestack Imperial Stout. Holy crap. Best beer I’ve had in a long while.


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