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Pictures from the Second Weekend

Here are a couple more pictures I took this week! I was tipped off by my dad that they had done something neat with the steam engine in the park downtown, so on Christmas Eve when I was grabbing a last minute gift at the Walgreens, I decided to take my stuff and my boots […]

Development Engine

Well I think we have a working idea for a card game. I will have to bang out some rules and make some proxies for testing, but I think Bill has given us a half way decent premise for putting something together for 4 or 5 players that should run about an hour. It’ll have bidding wars, tanks driven by ducks, weaponized jalepenoes, graft, and big government! Sounds great, right? I’ll talk more about it when I get together some proxies to play with.

Oh, also, pictures from Christmas to appear later today.

Pictures from the First Weekend

Pictures from Downtown on Sunday night. Thought the purple sky was nice on most of them, I don’t think I’ve got the hang of it yet.

The Time is Now

Couple of things. This weekend should theoretically be our first meeting of the Regal Gaming RPG Society, but the person who volunteered to be the first GM will be away, so it’s likely we will either take the opurtunity to play a larger board game or push our meeting time back another week.

In other news, my D3100 came in the mail! Get ready to see a bunch of shitty pictures appear in this space in the near future until I get to the point that I’m sort of an OK photographer. I’ll be taking pictures at our games and out and about in town, possible on any trips.

I sat and I thought about game design for a good while last Saturday. The level of complication that I was contemplating for our first run at a game might be a little much. Josh sent me to MegaMek to try out classic BattleTech and hoo-doggie, there is a ton, *ton* of stuff going on in there. Even with all of the complex rules, it still comes out with a slightly off experience (the whole move or die aspect I found a little off putting and strategically limiting) so more complicated is clearly not better. Garrett is insistent on making a more casual game, something in the realm of 1 hour play times, so this skirmish game idea will have to go on the back burner for a while. This sort of puts me back in a mindset of a card game/role assignment game, we will see.

We are going to go ahead and put on a clinic. It seems super popular right now, but I have been a nerd most of my life. It’s finally time to let that freak flag fly, and go ahead and start posting all those awesome nerd things that I am just bursting at the seams to talk about. This space will be reviews of games that I and my friends play, a sort of minutes from each weeks Regal Game Society meeting, where we will be playing a different pen and paper RPG every six weeks, pictures I take because public failure builds character (or maybe I am just needing critique to improve), and pictures of miniatures I have done recently, because everyone has to be good at something.

I’m also thinking about documenting whatever progress I make in developing a new game! We will see, that will require collaboration, so that’s not on me in its entirety, so rocking.